What Is Newsjacking: 5 Examples That Get It Right

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It’s approximated that the typical social media user invests roughly 2 and a half hours each day on social media.

So thanks to methods like newsjacking, becoming top of mind for users has never been easier for brand names.

In numerous circumstances, brands have used newsjacking to put themselves in the middle of the discussion and show their media expertise.

However, connecting your brand to a viral story and being tone-deaf on specific problems can land you straight in the middle of a tweetstorm of criticism.

So how should brands approach viral newspaper article, and is it worth it to newsjack?

Developing a successful newsjacking technique can yield significant benefits for any brand. But everything boils down to execution.

What Is Newsjacking?

Newsjacking is a typical media method where a brand markets itself utilizing a viral news story.

For example, influencers on social networks regularly use newsjacking to offer their own distinct takes and construct their audience.

Nevertheless, this technique is regularly embraced by major brands to assist them trend and broaden their brand name reach. In unusual cases, the brand name can end up being the center of the news story for much better or for worse.

Nonetheless, newsjacking is primarily about attaching your brand to an existing story, not making yourself the story.

The advantage of newsjacking is that it requires extremely little effort and simply a little imagination to get your brand trending in no time.

There are several methods to newsjack a story using standard marketing strategies, consisting of:

  • Marketing.
  • Social media campaigns.
  • Writing blog short articles.
  • Partnering with other brand names.
  • Sponsorships.
  • Hosting occasions.
  • Fundraising.

Most importantly, newsjacking is a technique readily available to anyone with a personal or professional brand, so anyone can attempt it.

While newsjacking offers fantastic benefits with very little effort, there are advantages and disadvantages to this technique that every brand name needs to think about.

Advantages and disadvantages Of Newsjacking

As the proverbial quote states, “All publicity is excellent publicity.”

This is mostly real in the social media age, although brand names walk a tighter rope than political experts and your average Twitter user when it happens edgy or relevant.

For this factor, there are many advantages and drawbacks to newsjacking.


  • Profit from a newspaper article with little effort.
  • Massively expand your brand name reach and take it to the mainstream.
  • Cultivate enormous social media engagement.
  • Increase brand name commitment (if done correctly).
  • Illustrate your brand name’s worths in real time.


  • Potentially hurt your brand’s track record.
  • Mistime a story and fail to leverage its benefits.
  • Attract the incorrect audience.

So, to enjoy the complete benefits of newsjacking, you need to know how to approach a story and what story to choose.

How To Take Advantage Of Breaking News

Discover Trending Stories Relevant To You

Primarily, you require to find the best breaking newspaper article to news jack.

Smaller brands can benefit from researching trending subjects in their niche utilizing tools like Google Trends to discover relevant trending subjects.

Screenshot from Google Trends, January 2023 As you can see, interest in crypto, in basic, is dropping, however there are a lot of subtopics that are trending, which any brand can capitalize on. Screenshot from Google Trends, January 2023 Platforms like Semrush and SE Ranking also provide tools that enable us to check out trending subtopics in any provided specific niche. For example, SE ranking provides a mind map and clusters for each trending subject. Screenshot from Semrush, January 2023 For smaller sized industries, I advise even writing about stories

that will trend in the future that you can get ahead of. For instance, new technologies, such as ChatGPT and AI, offer chances for

SEO brand names to rank highly for those keyword searches as they ultimately increase over time. Additionally, you can find trending subjects by searching for trending hashtags on Twitter, Hot Posts in

Reddit neighborhoods, and by monitoring what individuals post on Buy Facebook Verification Badge and Buy Instagram Verification Badge. Provide A Special Brand Name Spin Next, you need to use an unique perspective that assists separate your brand from the competitors. For example, numerous brand names during the pandemic, such as Uber and Busch, successfully created branded ad campaigns that were unique and stylish, and consolidated higher commitment with their customers. Make your campaigns pertinent to your brand name and its consumers. For example, if you’re a cars and truck business, producing ad campaigns around the need for more electrical vehicles or even poking fun at Elon Musk might matter. Nevertheless, commenting on other newspaper article that don’t connect to vehicles or transportation will appear inauthentic. Interest Your Audience We likewise require to consider what type of audience we want our brand name to market to. Leveraging trending keywords can assist you craft advertisement innovative that talks to your audience’s needs. Furthermore, cultivating your message for your audience makes you appear more genuine. Lastly, marketing to your audience will assist your campaign over the right channels. For instance, professional brands in the academic area will take advantage of blogging about trending stories on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, rather than Buy Facebook Verification Badge or Buy Instagram Verification Badge.

Master Timing Another crucial factor to consider of newsjacking is timing. If your brand is not capable of

producing something fast, you could end up being irrelevant. Of course, I suggest properly researching a news story prior to trying to make a marketing campaign out of it to be safe.

In most cases,

it will require a great deal of resources to act upon a news story rapidly and successfully, which may not be reasonable for numerous brand names. Develop Traction With Promotion

When you model your advertising campaign, you need to promote your brand name to reach as lots of eyeballs as possible. Including hashtags to viral stories

will help your brand reach a larger audience. Furthermore, sharing ad creatives throughout all social media platforms and via e-mail to newsletter lists will help you reach more consumers. Again, the secret is

to be quick, specifically if you wish to promote advertisements over standard or digital channels.

Use it Moderately Finally, I believe it’s important to bear in mind that newsjacking is not a daily technique, nor ought to it be utilized more than a few times a year. Brands can handle a major danger by taking part in newsjacking, and they could betray any authenticity they are trying to manufacture by taking part in this strategy too much. For this factor, I advise keeping a close eye on your industry for any trending

stories and picking only one that feels right for your brand. Going out and looking for stories may be more costly in the long run and provide really little benefit.

5 Examples Of Effective Newsjacking To assist you strategize much better, let’s examine some examples of effective and not successful newsjacking. 1. Busch Beer Sponsors Canine Adoptions One of the more

heartwarming stories of the early pandemic was an effort by Anheuser-Busch to motivate more people to adopt pets. The business used a totally free three-month supply of beer for

anyone who adopted a pet dog from a shelter sponsored by the Midwest Animal Rescue & Provider(MARS)

. The story assisted shine a light

on an underreported phenomenon and helped the company gain wide honor throughout social networks and its consumer base.

2. Uber’s Advertising campaign:”Thank You For Not

Riding “Of all of the industries hit hardest by the pandemic, ride-sharing had to be among the hardest. However, Uber was not only

able to salvage its brand name but likewise capitalize on the pandemic with its”Thank You For Not Riding” campaign, where it encouraged motorists to stay home. While the company definitely

lost a lot of cash because of the worldwide occasion, this ad campaign assisted forge greater trust and loyalty with its consumers, which has been rewarded a lot more considerably in the long run. 3. Oreo’s Famous “Blackout Ad”

Perhaps the most notorious example of newsjacking happened practically a decade back at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans

. After a defective relay caused a power interruption for a couple of minutes, Oreo reacted with a real-time Twitter post that lit the web on fire. Screenshot from Twitter, January 2023 This really basic however expertly timed tweet stays one of the very best examples of newsjacking done properly in the split second of a minute. 4. Budweiser Conserves Its World Cup Throughout the 2022 World Cup, Budweiser– one of the world cup’s main sponsors for over three years– got a rude awakening when it discovered that Doha had actually prohibited all alcohol from its sporting occasions. While the company deleted a tweet, specifying,”Well, this is uncomfortable,” it responded remarkably by granting the beer

it had actually assured for the cup to the winning nation. Screenshot from Twitter, January 2023 This story is a fantastic example of how brands can pivot and control a breaking newspaper article for their own advantage. In the exact same way that Oreo manipulated the Super Bowl blackout to its advantage, so too did Budweiser to newsjack the story and capitalize on it long-term, even if it lost on 10s of thousands of dollars in sales. 5. Google’s Year In Browse Lastly, Google’s Year

in Browse is another imaginative example of a brand name that is capable of capitalizing on trending news stories to tell its own special brand story. By putting its brand at the center of these news stories, Google assists form a more powerful connection with its clients and strengthen its brand name’s pre-eminence in the tech space. Newsjacking Done Wrong Obviously, for every success story of newsjacking

, there is one similarly as dissatisfying. Possibly the most notorious failure at newsjacking originated from Pepsi with its infamous Kendall Jenner ad. While growing political unrest and hot-button social issues, Pepsi’s ad completely missed out on the point and humiliated its credibility. Let this be a lesson that political messages can function as powerful themes, however they need to be managed with grace and tailored particularly for your audience. Overall, newsjacking is an extremely reliable technique for increasing your brand’s

reach and acquiring publicity.

However, newsjacking requires tact and focus for proper execution, along with good timing. Follow these examples above to effectively newsjack a story and help your brand name reach new eyeballs.

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